Welcome to AR Management Exclusive, we provide event and exhibition services regarding; model hostesses, product promotion and interpreting services. Our team works hard to ensure that you get the perfect solution.

Our job starts with you; understanding what you need, so we can offer you customized options that suits your needs. We give you a tailored solution!

We ensure that you get a solution worthy of your brand. We want to ensure that you are represented with class. So we study your products and brand to blend in naturally. Your team focus on their professionalism, while we take care of the new customers. Public relations is what we do so your team can focus on their job.

Not sure what you need? We’re here to help. We supply full custom solutions to make sure your event is a maximized success!

Our services are tailored to make sure all your needs are covered from the beginning to the end. We are passionate and motivated to provide the best full service.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can serve you best. We will work directly with our partners and be at your disposal every moment from start to finish.

If you are preparing for a business meeting and require some translation services or need a professional represent your company and products, we have it all. We are prepared, experienced and ready to make it an excellent happening!

Services available


All our exclusive hostesses are handpicked to ensure high quality and expertise during the representation.


Your products, your brand our professionalism. All our staff have experience in advertising and is highly motivated to fulfill the task.


Need linguistic guidance? We will provide interpreting services to help for a more professional communication.

AR Management exclusive is a German based company that provides services within Germany. All of our team speaks English and German, our interpreters are multi-Lingual speaking at least three languages. We customize our services to your needs so your experience of the event becomes perfection.

Why work with us?

Hiring professionals to support you on your event is an essential way of saving money and advertising your brand. By allowing us to promote your company and its products we guarantee that your future customers will have a superb encounter. By hiring local staff for your event you save money in form of allowance and compensations. All while your team can focus on their work.

With a wide experience of advertising and careful selection of professional promoters, interpreters and hostesses we are prepared to assist in every situation. With experience from high corporate business meetings to everyday sales. We are ready for it, a benefit for you and where everyone focus on what they do best. Together we create excellence!

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