AR Management offers an exclusive service for all of the partners and clients by working directly to solving problems unique to every customer. This is AR MANAGEMENT EXCLUSIVE main goal for the company as it was clear for it’s founder Anika Ruppe, whom have a background in exhibitions, events, professional business and the sport industry.

Most agencies will request full payment for the service needed, before the work even gets started. The issue is that too often companies end up hiring hostesses and interpreting services that will request a full payment before hand. Once they are paid, it is often hard to reach these agencies when a problem occurs. Instead of ignoring this issue we decided to start AR Management as a Business solution.

”AR MANAGEMENT EXCLUSIVE main goal is to assure an exclusive service by working directly with the customers. And not through agencies who supply random and low quality services. AR MANAGEMENT will tailor solutions using experienced professional fitting clients”

Anika, CO-Founder of AR Management exclusive

Based in Germany the company is well-known with the international exhibitions where companies from all over the world meet. It is a natural area to settle the interpreting services, as a lot of different languages encounter one another. With multi lingual interpreters and a highly experienced crew of hostesses AR Management can handle most needs with ease.

Why us

After many years of working in different environment (events, exposition, modelling, sports, translation, etc.)  For many companies, AR MANAGEMENT have realized that most big agencies don’t care for their clients once they have signed the contract. This is where AR Management comes in hand, we work directly and rapidly with our partners. To face any inconvenient, we will have our own professionals at your disposal during the whole process. At AR Management we always focus on our clients. We want to know their brand, products and vision to make sure that the new customers get a true and optimal picture of you, our client.

We have the experience to come with short notice. However, If you give us the time to become a part of your brand, we will do an excellent job. Making it the best experience you had working with a hostess and interpreting agency. 

Bringing a full team from your company on a business trip can be very expensive. By hiring local hosts/hostesses or interpreters, will spare you both time and money, you get to pay fewer expenses on scene, allowance and take away an extra aspect in the planing. AR Management are more than happy to help you out regarding your stay.