Job Opportunities

What we expect of you

At AR Management we evaluate the quality and experience of every applicant for any job title, we do not compromise on the quality to protect our customers services and our brand. We always work on keeping a high standard through our partners experience. We expect all in our team to act with class and professionalism in all events, exhibition etc. This is something we want to make clear as it is an essential part in our business and service.

What you can expect from us

We work directly with our hostesses, interpreters and promoters. This way we avoid any unprofessional work, and we also have a better team work among the team. At AR Management we provide a better remuneration for our workers than most agencies, To ensure top professional and motivated workers. This is something you can expect from us as an employer as we set the standard high. By decreasing the company share we can still remain competitive and provide the higher salaries.

Contact us

We are always looking for new members to join our team! If you think that you suit our company’s demand of professionalism and our vision to serve our customers in detail you are most welcome to contact us.

We want you to work with us, not for us!

We are recruiting continuously, send us your application today!